Clever and tactical advertising that can’t be ignored. That was the approach National Geographic Channel used to ensure its Taboo TV show got noticed.

The channel used a series of three boards on Bram Fisher, Hunter and George streets to generate interest and awareness for the new season of this popular National Geographic series.

“We chose the medium of outdoor and specifically that of street poles for several reasons. Firstly, the poles themselves present a good creative solution. Secondly, Street Poles Ads are in the public space so we could get up close and personal, testing the boundaries of what people think is Taboo. What better way than a message as medium solution that delivers an emotional response intrinsically linked to the content of the show”.

ADreach has become a very popular outdoor choice for campaigns that need simple, striking visual impact. “We always look forward to creative use of the medium and this campaign really demonstrates how it’s done”.


national geographic street pole ads