You may see similar articles on the Internet about this topic but social media platforms are always changing and it’s very important to keep up with trends and stay on the pulse.

One thing to remember is that every brand has its very own tone and each community is different. These tips should help you navigate your way through:

  • Always try and listen to the community. Listen to the tone that they are speaking to you in as the “brand”. Do your research online and on your other platforms to see how they talk about your brand so you can chat to them in a way they understand and can relate to.
  • It does not matter what your intentions are on Facebook. You either want your fans to like, share, comment or click your link. Ask them to do one thing! Don’t except them to do all these actions at once. What is the aim of your post? The one thing you need them to do…stick to that! Keep it simple.
  • In your posts you would like establish the lifestyle of your brand, if you want your community to share or engage you need to inspire them! Show them the types of pictures and inspiration you would like to see on your page and hopefully they will follow suit.
  • Infographics are an amazing way to say something that is easy to read and very effective. If you have a lot to say try creating infographics! Its does have to be long and involved once again. Keep it simple. It’s just another way of communicating your message.
  • If you think your post feels forced.. so will your community. Be aware social media is just like conversation and people are intuitive, if you are a fake, your community will see it. Keep it real.
  • You still need to write proper English. Make sure your copy and posts are always in proper, grammatical English. Don’t chat to them in bad English or abbreviated text just because they do.
  • You are only as good as your next post! Tough to say but it is true. After every post see what the stats are and try new things and test out different things to see what works.