We all know that Twitter is a great marketing tool for brands and businesses, but how do you increase the amount of traffic to your content using tweets? The main thing to remember is that Twitter is different from Facebook as it is used to broadcast information and followers who are not necessarily people you know. They follow you or your company because they find your tweets interesting or informative. You need to keep it this way.

A  few key things to remember when you are using Twitter are:

  • You only have 280 Characters to say what you need to.
  • The average tweet has a life span of 18 minutes. This means to get your message across you will need to tweet the same message numerous times but with different content.
  • Make sure you add web links to your tweet that will guide your followers to content you want them to see multiple times in order to keep them active and interested across all of your social media platforms.
  • If you are sharing the same message more than once make sure that message is still relevant to your followers and that you change the wording of the tweets. If it is relevant and different there is no limit to how many times you can tweet.
  • One of the most important things is to use #tags in such a way that it is easy to search for and that is relevant to your brand and your tweet. As Twitter uses are conditioned to look for #tags, use the #tags in the title and not at the end so your tweet will have more of a flow to it instead of just clumping all your #tags together at the end of your tweet.
  • You should use a traffic and scheduling tool, such as Hoot suite (its free) to link all or your Social media profiles and manage them. This will help you keep tweeting frequently and see what will be communicated over a few weeks.