What do you get when you combine a great client and an out the box agency? We are glad you asked…you get a Father’s Day campaign that breaks the stereotype!

We recently partnered with our client Supa Quick for a campaign that was aimed at highlighting the fact that chivalry still exists and that there are decent males out there. A little reminder we could all use considering the #MenAreTrash campaign that had the internet hating on all men, everywhere!

Supa – Hero was an idea born from within our agency that put the spotlight on Dads and just how much the millennial age can learn from them. With a series of amusing videos that tackled day-to-day issues such as “How to check your car’s oil” and much more, you can clearly start to see that even though Dad’s lack the power to fly, they sure do possess the power to get us out of sticky situations. That for us is a Supa Hero indeed.


The citizen agreed with us, awarding the campaign an Orchid for it’s “brilliant advertising” that paired insights with research. Read the remarkable words of Brendan Seery here: The Dad ad melds insight, research.