There are plenty of social media tricks that you can use to enhance your business’ social media to reach potential new clients.

1. Show off positive client feedback on Facebook.

35% of the comments can be seen among friends on Facebook  – you should capitalise on this! When someone posts a complaint or makes a comment, sometimes Facebook will hide it automatically due to your set Facebook filters. It is easy enough to make this comment visible again by going to the top corner of the comment and selecting the unhide option.

Here is how…

  1. Go to your activity logo and click on post by others on the left hand side
  2. Click the pencil / edit icon that appears on the left and a menu will drop down
  3. Check the Allow page option

All sorted!

2. Customise your branding on Twitter.

Success in today’s crowded online environment means it is more important than ever to look professional and stand out from your competitors by delivering a consistent brand image across all digital platforms. Not all the social media platforms allow this but luckily Twitter does.  You can customise your background skin, hyperlink and your hash tag in a colour that is in line with your brand.

To do this all you need to do is click the gear icon on the top right-hand side of the screen and choose settings – then choose design. In this menu you can upload a ready designed template or customise your own.

3. Better company updates for LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn there is not a great deal of room to be creative but you can be a bit more creative than you are now with a simple trick. Start posting rich media. Most people are only sharing links but you can actually insert images, videos and slide share links.

4. Pintrest can be used to find new customers.

Pintrest has amazing search capabilities. Turn off the privacy within your business Pintrest account settings and this will allow your boards and profit to appear in search engines. Make sure you use your key company’s search words to ensure people can find you.

5. Increase shares from your website and/or your Blog.

A great way to get more shares to your blog or website is by creating a pre-populated tweet link. This allows people to easily share and post your content to other sites.

To do this…

Go to:

Following the equal sign, add the text you would like to tweet but add a plus sign (+). For each space add your URLs as you normally would and your hashtags.

Tweet it!

You can even test the URL in your browser before adding it as a hyperlink to your content to make sure the formatting looks correct.