Artifact, in conjunction with Ministry of Illusion, has created the latest TVC for Scooters Pizza. The advert, shot in reverse, aims to inform viewers of the new festive family deal at Scooters and to remind them that the Scooters Pizza promise of delivering scorching hot pizza within 39 minutes, or it’s absolutely free, is still going strong after all these years.

Bruce Anderson, creative director of Artifact, states the ad was designed to not only inform consumers of the festive deal and Scooters Pizza’s exceptional delivery promise, but to do it in a way that indicated that Scooters is putting the fun back into the South African pizza landscape.

The advert features a family becoming fully satiated from their four, amazingly well-priced Scooters pizzas and free Coke to receiving their meal in a record amount of time from an enthusiastic Scooters Pizza delivery man in reverse.

Sean Lilley, the Marketing Manager for Scooters, says, “Scooters Pizza welcomes the new engaging creative direction on customer-facing material and we look forward to more great work,” which indicates just how the TVC further positions Artifact as fully integrated and independent agency fully capable of doing TV commercials. Established in 1994, Artifact has grown organically – quickly adapting to the changing needs of clients and consumers as well as the fast-changing communication and media landscape.

At a time where ATL agencies are trying to be more digital and digital agencies more conceptual, Artifact Advertising is perfectly poised – allowing flexibility and expertise across all channels to guide effective strategic and creative solutions.

Watch out for the Scooters Pizza TVC over the next few weeks on or view it on the Scooters Pizza YouTube channel here.