What is cool? And what’s the best way to tap into the youth market? When Nissan South Africa needed to revamp the youth’s perception around the Nissan Micra, Artifact asked the same questions. But with trends among the youth market changing faster than the views on PSY’s latest music video, Artifact figured they would let them decide for themselves.  From this thinking, the Nissan Micra ‘’My Ride, My Rules’’ campaign was born.

The campaign, in which participants hungry to win themselves a Nissan Micra could ‘create their own cool’ by designing a personalised decal for the Micra through an interactive online portal, allowed the youth to express their creative flair and culminated in one lucky winner gaining enough votes to walk away with the keys to a new Nissan Micra.

The campaign was supported via high energy mall and beach activations, convoys of 10 awesomely designed Micras, radio ads, billboards, Twitter and Facebook advertising, and even managed to garner R226 000 in earned media. The result ultimately accumulated in Nissan Micra gaining a whole stack of new fans, which solidified the Micra’s status as “totally awesome”.

Not only was the campaign well received amongst the youth, with tens of thousands more likes on Facebook during the campaign and 17 849 unique designs being submitted online, but dealers also saw the cool side of Micra by increasing sales by 195% over the period of the campaign.

Nissan SA has also chosen to enter the campaign for a Global Presidents Award for brand power application.

Check out some of the fun in the pictures below.

Micra 1

Micra 2

Micra 3

Micra 4