One surefire way of getting your company noticed is to supply insight into how you go about doing things.
For us here at Artifact Advertising, that includes getting your voice on one of Joburg’s hottest stations on the airwaves: Hot 91.9 FM. In amongst smooth RNB hits and classic rock ‘n roll tracks, one will find that Hot FM’s playground caters for more than just old school jams. Enter ‘The Business’ show with Astrid Ascar and Ian ‘F’ Fraser, a talk show on Monday nights that discusses all things branding and business.

Artifact Advertising took the opportunity to be on the show through radio interviews that discussed some of the most important trends in advertising today; from understanding social media trends and just how the medium can actually deliver a return on investment for brands (seen as many don’t believe it can), to utilising digital channels for in-depth research and insight through Big Data, as well as Neuromarketing tips and tricks that talk to the consumer’s ‘reptilian’ brain.

‘Neuromarketing’ may sound like a new age concept, but it really just uncovers some of the most archaic ways human beings respond to stimuli and how these can be used to our benefit as marketers. The main premise of Neuromarketing is how to tap into the consumer’s ‘reptilian’ or ‘instinctual’ brain through the strategic use of words and images. But what exactly does that do for your bottom line? Well, the reptilian brain is ultimately responsible for the decision-making process, and who doesn’t want their consumers to make hardcore buying decisions right now?

Artifact Brand Strategist, Lauren Rheeders, gives you all the tips and tricks you need to tap into these insights in her interview