This is the Loeries 2017 breakdown you’ve been waiting for. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly presented to you by Artifact!



Flies See Too Much

This campaign won in more than one category for their radio and print ad work. It was a hilarious take on the common ‘fly on the wall’ trope that not only left you laughing but also gave you a subconscious desire to buy more Doom and after all, isn’t that what we really want from effective advertising? A solid tip of the hat to the Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg team who put this together (and also cleaned up in radio in general) and to their in-house model who we just so happen to know personally, making it all the more enjoyable.

Flies See too much 1Flies See too much 2



This campaign won our hearts with a creative solution to a very serious problem. Grey Advertising Africa (Pty) Ltd took home silver in the Outdoor & Out of Home: Ambient & Alternative Media category and it involved the simple process of painting numbers on satellite dishes in townships. This was done in an effort to assist emergency services in finding specific residences in these areas, as the streets and numbering are often adhoc and poorly labeled, however, they often have their very own satellite dishes. It has saved numerous lives already and we love that they used their ad agency power for good.




This was a hilariously cheeky campaign for Love Glove condoms by Joe Public, who not only made incredible use of some grotesquely detailed male genitalia illustrations but threw an exceptionally enjoyable party as well. The imagery features phallic characters stylised to look like killers or monsters.

Monster 1
Monster 2Monster 3


Uk’Shona Kwelanga

This was such an innovative and creative idea that it blew us a way. King James and Sanlam put together South Africa’s first WhatsApp drama. It follows a family’s texts, photos, voice notes and videos in a group, following a death in the family in order to highlight the importance of funeral cover. It is incredibly well put together and garnered so much organic PR attention that it can only be considered a resounding success as a campaign.



Supper Time Stories

As much as we hate to admit it and despite the limited store rollout, Ogilivy Johannesburg made a beautiful campaign for KFC. It was family oriented, beautifully executed and borderline nostalgic. The artwork and stories were well crafted and they definitely made watching them walk away with so many awards just a little easier on the old jealousy scale.

Super 1Super 2
Super 3Super 4



We didn’t win and not winning always feels bad. We loved our Virtual Reality campaign for Lufthansa and we certainly believed it deserved to win. It involved the promotion of the destinations the airline serviced to travel agents themselves. The app would place you in a mystery destination, where you could look around 360 degrees, and then had you guess where you are. Based on your answers you would receive points and compete for top place on the leaderboard. We cleverly called it Guesstinations and in case you hadn’t noticed, we thought it was exceptionally cool and we hope you think so too.



The Loeries was a beautiful experience in general and as such, it was a little hard to find the ugly in it. However, we definitely think the inter-agency bitterness and frequent cries of “I wouldn’t have bought this dress if I didn’t think I was going to win” and “So-and-so is buying awards!” qualifies as a little ugly.

We believe in taking our losses gracefully because, in the end, we know our work is effective, stunningly creative and most importantly, loved by our clients and that’s all the reward we need.