Some of America’s best billboard ads are showcased below. Imagination and innovation are clearly key!

billboard 1

 This Minneapolis-based real estate outfit turned to a local shop, Preston Kelly, to create a realistic vibe. The campaign, which kicked off in late January, will run across Minnesota through May.

billboard 2

 Specialty billboards from agency OMG were created for the Los Angeles market in advance of the blockbuster’s release in summer 2012. Note the fact that the film’s name isn’t even mentioned.

billboard 3

 A prop-oriented board similar to Sprite’s, this California ski destination also targets young, extreme sports enthusiasts with its no-frills, let-the-halfpipe-tell-the-story design. David & Goliath handled the creative.

billboard 4

 Aliens on a quest for water? Agency Cramer-Krasselt gave this board an otherwordly spin. The campaign ran in Albuquerque, which isn’t that far from Roswell. Just sayin’ …

billboard 5

 The online grocer’s interactive screen with handy QR codes represents the future of outdoor advertising. Located on public transportation platforms in Chicago, Peapod allows commuters to scan and shop while on the go, making the chore of bringing home the bacon an almost enjoyable experience.

billboard 6

 Minneapolis agency Clarity Cloverdale Fury tackled a decidedly unsexy category, rolling out a three-stage board over as many weeks. Week 1, the billboards just showed naked vines; Week 2 saw tomatoes sprout; and Week 3 found them canned and ready to sell, as shown above.

billboard 7

 The aptly named “Serious Oomph” effort is the work of Esparza Advertising, which posted this board in its hometown of Albuquerque, N.M.

billboard 8

 Universal Pictures ran a series of straightforward outdoor ads in a handful of major markets ahead of the March 2012 release of this Dr. Seuss classic. They were meant to spark curiosity and were followed up with a TV trailer campaign, including a Super Bowl spot.

billboard 9

billboard 11

 In advance of Opening Day of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, the team deployed a pair of billboards on either side of I-35 leading into the heart of downtown K.C. The work is from the Royals’ new agency, Walz Tetrick Advertising.

billboard 10

Making excellent use of props, this Atlanta billboard from Turner Duckworth recreated a skateboard ramp, replete with curved bottom and a scratched and peeling surface. It only looks as if the little dude is dropping in from 70 feet; no actual skateboarders were harmed in the making of this ad.