It is no secret that video is hugely popular on the web and with the introduction of Instagram video and Vine as new video platforms in social media, it now makes creating videos easy for anyone to create and share them online.

Why is video so important for marketers though? Firstly, as a marketer it is very important to be where your audience or consumer is. If the stats are anything to go by video is the way to go! Here is why:

1.   Increase your reach

It is important to make sure you are on these channels so you can increase your reach. YouTube has over 1.5 billion monthly users and is the second biggest search engine online. Vimeo also has a massive amount of users.

Video can also be used across all platforms allowing for an integrated approach and vast shareability on multiple platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube. Also almost up to 5 tweets per second contain a Vine link!

 2.   Video improves your Google ranking

Google loves fresh new content and really appreciates the implementation of video. Google no longer favours static websites, but rather places more relevance on sites that are regularly updated with new fresh and rich content. Videos statistically also rank higher than pictures and plain text.

3.   It is easy to digest.

It’s a known fact that people are lazy and don’t read instructions. In this way, content is no different. People are hungry for information but don’t want to work too hard to get it. Solution? It’s all in the video! Video can explain 2000 words in just 2 minutes and makes a far longer lasting impression than any text driven post.

4.   Your competitors are using it.

Need we say more? Stats show that more that 93% of marketers used video in their strategies in 2013 and this will only increase in 2014. Don’t lose out on opportunities to increase awareness around your brand by not keeping up with this trend!

Are you convinced yet? Well you should be. Now get cracking and start implementing video as part of your strategy for this year.