How often do you update or post on your company’s LinkedIn profile? Or, should the question be – have you ever?

We often don’t realise the importance of a social media platform such as LinkedIn and the impact it can have on our company’s online reputation especially for a B2B company, since most people that use it are either professionals or looking to get there. What’s so interesting is that it’s close to becoming the second best online platform after a business’s website! Bet you didn’t know that!

With the social media evolution, it is with no doubt one of the top reasons people use internet these days. This makes it essential to have a LinkedIn profile and ensure it is up to date. Now let’s look at some of the ways in which your business can optimize your LinkedIn profile to ensure future successes:

First things first, if you are still to create an account on LinkedIn, make sure you slot in information that is necessary and clearly states what your business is about. Which industry it’s part of, the size, location, specialties and even some of the history of the business are some of the details that should be on your profile. Just remember to be consistent with your profile with everything your business has online, the information you provide should always be accurate and in terms of semantics, updating your keywords would improve the SEO so it can easily be part of the organic search.

Does your company’s online profile have a banner? Banner images can be used to grab much more attention compared to a bland, generic profile. Think about a colourful image on a boring background – that is sure to keep you there for a while, wanting to know more about a company you might have never heard off or be interested in. Videos make a profile slightly more interactive as it is generally effortless to watch and helps the engager to identify with your business and what it can do for them.

Now that the above two steps have been completed, your profile needs to gain momentum, followers and content. A LinkedIn study has shown that businesses are more likely to have greater interaction when their employees are connected to their profile. Get your employees to sign up for a profile if they don’t already have one and if they do, make sure they’ve updated it to link to your business.

The next best thing a business can do would be to create relevant content and content that will create interaction. Make sure what is being uploaded creates interest by followers who in turn would recommend their connections to follow you. Once you’ve got your audience, you know that whatever content you’re uploading has a specific “target audience” and this would obviously increase your followers by reaching out to people that may be interested in your business. The updating of content and status all depends on the type of business you have, but whatever it  is, make sure it’s at least once a month.

This will definitely increase your social network and create a stronger online presence for your business.

Lastly, to get people to recommend why they would use your products or services again adds that personal touch to an online platform. This added to your profile might just add that “call to action” function that sets your business apart from the rest. Request this from clients and employees that would like to add why they enjoy being part of your business. This can also help describe better the products and/ or services offered by your company.

So it’s as simple as that:

  1. Get your LinkedIn profile going by creating or updating it
  2. Make it more interesting by uploading banner images and any videos
  3. Creating relevant content to create interaction
  4. Get your employees to link themselves to the company, write anything they would like to about it and maybe share the profile
  5. Request your clients to write about the interactions with your business, this would add a personal touch to the online platform
  6. Try update your LinkedIn profile and put up any content, as well as update your status, at least once a month.

Here are a few interesting stats about LinkedIn from the masters themselves:


LinkedIn Infographic

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