Chappies, the long-standing and much loved South African bubble gum brand, celebrated its immense fanbase with a stunning display of six street art pieces. These amazing edible creations were each inspired by fan-submitted “Did You Know?” facts. The artworks were incredibly well received in real life and of course made a significant impact across various social media channels.

Chappies bubble gum has always been a celebrated South African favourite, with the amazing facts on the inside of the wrapper being just a little something extra to look forward to. That’s why when, in 2012, SA’s favourite bubble gum gave fans the chance to submit their own ‘Did You Know?’ facts, via their website, it was met with exceptional excitement. Chappies knew SA had a lot of knowledge to share and was thrilled with fantastic responses from the public. After over 50 000 entries were submitted through Facebook and over 47,000 votes on Mxit, Chappies was tasked with validating and selecting the top 170 facts and then printing them onto millions of Chappies wrappers, making those fan-submitted facts part of the brand’s own heritage. All finalists received a year’s supply of Chappies bubble gum for their efforts and a framed image of their submitted fact on a Chappies wrapper.

The edible street art that the Chappies team created represented the top six user-submitted facts and they were each created out of thousands of real Chappies pieces. The largest of the six murals took 177 681 pieces of Chappies to create, about 15 hours to complete – and approximately 15 minutes to disassemble, with the help of the ravenous public. It’s safe to say that once the artwork was complete the frenzied onlookers took great pleasure in dismantling the edible artwork, piece by piece and chew by chew.

Here are two of the extraordinary art pieces.

chappies 2 chappies 3