The best way to deal with angry customers is to shout right back at them!

Is that how you think?

Ha ha! Don’t let your outrage change your customers’ outlook on your product and service.

You should be thinking of exactly the opposite reaction, of which the customer might be expecting.

It’s amazing how easy it is for anyone to post complaints and compliments about any brand, product, restaurant, product or service these days. Social media has made it so much easier for us to speak about our experiences with something we pay for and either did not like or liked a lot, and now, we can just share it with everyone online!

What we need to remember is that customers are easier to be displeased and place a complaint, than being very pleased and post a compliment. The best thing we can do, as a person providing the product or service, is to try our best! Thereafter the next best thing we can do would be to deal with the customer’s comment to our best possible ability.

Neither can you shut up about it and nor can you just profusely apologise about a mistake made. But it’s better to deal with an angry customer online by acknowledging their complaint and not completely ignoring it. Ignoring negatives, as compared to positives, can make the situation a lot worse.

It’s best to respond to both the negative and positive comments on a brand. Depending on what sort of brand it is, we need to learn (which would only come with experience) the best methods in which to deal with our clients. First and foremost respond! Whether it’s to a negative or positive comment, giving the customer reassurance that someone is hearing them and doing something about what they had to say is the 1st thing to do.

Thereafter, figuring out a way to please the customer further (and coming back for more) or try change their perspective of what they’ve already experienced is dependent on the situation and the person. Asking them for an opportunity to try again, by offering the product or service free the next time, is one example. This doesn’t always work though, the tougher customers will of course continuously complain. Try and take these matters offline, but show the audience that you are dealing with it, they don’t always have to know how.

Let’s get that checklist right:

Step 1: Make sure you respond, whether the comment is positive or negative

Step 2 a): If it’s a compliment, make sure you reply in a way that makes them always want to mention their good experiences (keep them coming back for more)

Step 2 b): If it’s a complaint, make sure you apologise & ask to possibly take the matter offline

Step 3: When it is a complaint, try fix the problem by offering to try again by offering the same thing for free next time or a better service (another opportunity to try better). Sometimes it’s as simple as apologising!

Step 4: If the customer is persistent to complain online, try your best in that situation and know how far you can go.

Give it a go and let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear your comments, learnings and if you have any other tips on how to deal with similar situations.