Is it possible a competition can be thought of as life changing? Well, this is most certainly the case for the winner of a Nissan Micra in Artifact’s Nissan Micra ‘My Ride My Rules campaign’ which ran earlier this year. Most people would accept their prize and move on with their life, but Talisa Lewis – the lucky winner of a Nissan Micra thanks to the campaign – swears her new found freedom hasn’t just changed her life, but also that of her mother’s.

Before Talisa won the car, her mother Dana would rack up three hours each day in drive time ensuring her daughter was safely taken to and from university to complete her degree in medicine. Five months after her daughter took ownership of her prize, Nissan and Artifact received a mail from Dana expressing her thanks in giving not only her daughter well deserved independence and freedom, but also some more time for herself.Dana explains, “Yes, it took me a while, and to be honest, I still have moments where it’s hard to adjust to Talisa’s independence, but I see how my daughter has blossomed and keeps seeing that the world is her oyster and that there is so much to do with her new found freedom.” Dana excitedly added that the prize hadn’t just offered them both new found freedom, but also a closer bond too; “We also found that our bond as Mum and daughter truly knows no bounds and that freedom gives wings to both of us!” Dana says.

As Talisa heads into her Fifth year of medicine next year, Dana adds that her daughter’s “zooty Nissan Micra” will go beyond ensuring that her rounds will be done in a safe and reliable car to helping Talisa grow and reach her dreams.

Thank you Dana and Talisa, we hope your “zooty” Nissan Micra gives you many more kilometers of freedom, fun and fantastic futures!