One fresh morning I walked into the Artifact offices for a meeting with Artifact’s Client Service Director, Sandy Smith. First on the agenda was the inevitable tour around the office (which wasn’t as nerve wracking as I had imagined). Instead of intimidation I was greeted with 30 friendly faces. I assumed their friendly dispositions were directly linked to their budding need for coffee (which I was to become the master of). So upon ending my grand tour, just like that, I was invited to start interning at Artifact the following Monday morning.

I soon learnt that the Artifact atmosphere is always pleasant and exciting with great enthusiasm over the weekly bar night rituals. Everyone was welcoming and talkative and it felt like they had all known me for ages. My very first post was in the Account Executives office, where I got to know the friendly client service staff who quickly whipped me into shape so that I would be able to fit into the Artifact team. My first duties involved helping out wherever I could, be it with printing and filing, dashing out to every client for weekly pickups/ drop offs as well as mastering the Excel spreadsheet. My biggest observation about the Artifact team, is their constant need to be fueled by caffeine. I am quickly mastering the art of coffee.. although I must say that it doesn’t taste very good.

Recently I have started shadowing Stuart Asprey, Artifact’s Production Director, to help where possible with all things production.

Currently (with my expanding understanding of digital and advertising) I still make really bad coffee, but am gaining new and exciting insights into the industry and a great overall work experience  Aside from the realisation that I have no future at Starbucks, I am really enjoying this experience and look forward to gaining more knowledge and being rewarded with more experiences in the future. What I love about Artifact is that you don’t only work for them, you become part of the family and I really hope to become an integral member in the future.

Michael Garret (Artifact intern)

The daily coffee duties!

coffee pic