Artifact Advertising is proud to announce they have acquired Supa Quick as a through-the-line client after an extensive pitch process. ‘Over the last year we have won 6 exciting accounts’ says Artifact’s MD, Andy Taoushiani. ‘Each requires different services and skills from our agency, some just needing our digital and social expertise and others more traditional services’. The Supa Quick account now brings the tally up to 7 and offers an impressive opportunity for the Artifact team. ‘The Supa Quick account is unique, because there is a 360° job to be done – and Artifact has been selected to drive the entire process’, Taoushiani states excitedly.

Established in 1994, Artifact has continually evolved with clients and the changing advertising landscape and boasts many long term successful relationships with big and small brands countrywide, as well as up into Africa. Artifact’s unique digital DNA is what has unlocked the truly 360° integrated service offered to clients, and this is what brands are now seeking.

‘Being chosen by Supa Quick to take their brand to the next level and engineer their brand positioning is really exciting for us, and we look forward to paying back their faith in us’, says Bruce Anderson, Artifact’s Creative Director.

Taoushiani goes on to say that flexibility across all channels with a more media neutral approach is what gives Artifact its edge; ‘adapting quickly to changing marketing and advertising landscapes has given us the flexibility and expertise we need to guide effective strategic and creative solutions, and we are more than excited to showcase this ability with the Supa Quick account’.

Artifact welcomes you on-board, Supa Quick!