What do you get if you combine a spooky mansion with Nintendo’s loveable, but clumsy, Luigi from Super Mario Bros fame? An epic adventure game called Luigi’s Mansion 2, of course! The game, designed for Nintendo 3DS, takes players on a spooky journey through haunted mansions where our clumsy hero, Luigi, needs to fight off ghosts armed with his nifty ghost sucking Poltergust 5000 to save the day!

In order to launch the game on SA soil, Artifact created eerie-looking mall activations at popular malls by recreating the look of a haunted mansion. Awareness for the activation was created by roaming ghosts at robots and in malls, who handed out leaflets enticing the public to help Luigi save the day and win great prizes like 3DS consoles.

The main aim, of course, was to entice mall goers to experience the thrill for themselves on the 3DS console, but gamers also got the chance to hunt down ghosts across the mall to win instant prizes or the opportunity to have a photo taken as Luigi themselves. The fun didn’t stop there, because a real life Luigi visited the stand for photos and to show off his fully functional Poltergust 5000 vacuum cleaner, complete with spinning light – another device sourced and crafted with love and care by Artifact.

All in all, a fright to remember was had by all!