We’ve all heard the words “Social media campaign”, yet sometimes we still can’t seem to connect the dots in terms of how this goes hand in hand with social media. Let’s go back to basics:

What does social media campaign mean?

A Social Media Campaign (SMC) is an organized strategic plan utilized to accomplish a social marketing goal or objective through the use of social networks, blogs, and other interactive media.

Why is it essential?

Having a good social media campaign can really aid you in improving your business, it allows you to keep track of all your customers and develop marketing campaigns for your products and services based on your customers’ needs. It also gives the customers an opportunity to get involved with products that they take an interest in or feel passionate about.

In order for you to be on top of your game let’s take a look at the 8 aspects you should bear in mind for your social campaigns in 2013:

1. Avoid giving your agency to someone who will be given the steering wheel to manage your social media because they “enjoy social networking”

One of the most important tasks is to be able to socially communicate with your community. This level of responsibility is often given to the person with the highest value in your company because such matters need to be handled by someone who is highly competent and is in the know. Search for someone like that in your company and grow them to be the best and most experienced.

2. Give your employees access to social networks, its time!

Encourage your employees to utilize appropriate, useful and fun ways to speak about the company on their personal social media accounts. Organize a social media policy that can be put into place, with regards to what can and cannot be tweeted or posted and lastly one of the most important aspects is to trust that your employees will adhere to the policies you’ve implemented (use a points system or implement a process to manage this).

3. There is no need to conform to old social media ways. Start broadening your mind about the different types of social media channels.

Too many people claim that they know the ins and outs of social media, but you don’t often see results, be aware of what these so-called social media gurus are doing to promote themselves.

4. Social media is an online form of marketing.. so figure out who should own it.


The owner of a social property has to be the best placed person, or group of people to deliver that experience. This should be owned by the marketing and or PR team in the company, but does not mean that they are solely responsible.

5. There are 5 legal considerations for social campaigns, but do make use of your legal department when necessary:

  • Be transparent,
  • Avoid inviting trouble,
  • Always remember that laws apply,
  • Keep some control
  • Always think before you act. 

 6. Prioritize time for social campaigns remember time is money.

If time is money, then time management is one of the most valuable skills one can possess. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use your time on social campaigns:

  • Start by focusing on what works best, once you’ve found a working formula for your posts use it and keep refining it to see if it still generates a buzz.
  • Always plan ahead, set out a plan of action for future posts so that you save time, instead of wracking your brain trying to create posts every day.
  • Take as much advantage of as many tools as possible, use certain tools to automatically reel in updates over the course of a few weeks or a month.
  • Interact but try not to get distracted by social media sites and their design, if you see something interesting copy and paste the links and go back to them later.
  • Meet your ambassadors, you will start to recognize the people that engage with your posts, start to familiarise yourself with them, repost, thank them and ask for feedback.

7. Don’t ask about “Return on Investment” on social campaigns.

Social media isn’t about direct sales, it’s about building relationships but, if you build strong relationships with your community the money will eventually follow because people buy from people they like.

8. Knowing where to begin and who to speak to.

It’s been said that the most trusted form or recommendation is word of mouth, ask around for the best recommendations on who to turn to for social media help, take the time to find out and if needs be ask for a second and third opinion in order to find the best help available. 


Social media has redefined many companies and has reached larger audiences than they would have years ago or if they didn’t use it at all. Allow your company to be a lot more social media savvy, broaden your mind to the possibilities and the amount of people you have the potential to reach. Don’t shy away from what everyone else is doing, find a process that fits your company and make it work!