At last, everybody has hopped on the Social media band wagon and has realised that it can no longer be omitted from the marketing mix. Social Media can be very important, but it’s just as important to do it right. Don’t just assume that now you have an internal person handling your social media that you are handling it in the best way possible. Here are 7 reasons why it’s just better to leave your Social Media up to the experts:

1.      Solid Strategy

Have you considered your social media strategy or are you just posting arbitrary information daily to keep in contact with your fans? An agency will make sure there is a daily, monthly and yearly plan in-line with your overall marketing goals.

2.      Keeping Up with Trends

Social Media, like people and fads, is constantly changing and it can be exhausting trying to keep up. Even an internal Social Media person will find it hard on their own. An agency has a team that is constantly trained to do this each and every day. Let them rather keep up-to-date to ensure your brand is ahead of the pack.

3.      Making the Time

Hosting, engaging and interacting on Social Media alone can be exhausting. It’s difficult to come up with new ideas and to get company to communicate internally. Social Media started off as fun, but a business page is far from that. You need a lot of resources to be dedicated to the page to ensure its success. So leave it up to a team …you don’t have to go it alone!

4.      Marathon Thinking

Everyone can set up a Facebook page, but you shouldn’t set up your page and leave your page dormant – as this can damage your brand. Anyone, even your competitors, can log in and see that you are not bothering to keep your page active. You will need to engage, advertise and post constantly – thus making Social Media a long term commitment. Once again, an agency will plan ahead to constantly keep your brand active over the long haul.

5.      Professionalism

Social media is great because it’s instant and fast. This is wonderful, but you’ll need to remember that what you say should always be politically correct and inoffensive. If you do make an error, it needs to be rectified properly and you will need to apologise or you will lose face. An agency is paid to constantly be professional and conversational – simply leave the stress to them.

6.      Social Media Rules

There are rules of engagement when it comes to Social Media. You will need to understand the rules and implications when it comes to advertising and running competitions on your Social Media accounts – otherwise you could get into serious trouble, or worse, have your accounts banned and closed down! An agency worth its salt should always comply with the rules, thus keeping your brand out of trouble.

7.      Design that Works

It’s hard to run campaigns and make your Social Media look professional all on your own. An agency knows what can be done, the file sizes of certain elements, what to upload and where it should be uploaded. Let them come up with the creative artwork and make your Social Media voice as professional as all your other marketing efforts!