Nowadays when we think of digital, we think of the large association that the single word brings. It could refer to the mere presence of a business on a website, or perhaps the ability to prove a friend wrong by searching for the answer in a matter of seconds. More recently however, it seems to be more synonymous with social media and the attributes that it can give to any business. Ito Facebook and Twitter specifically – we realise the ever increasing impact of having a social page for your business and keeping it relevant. The problem with this is that most of us (being your average Joe) don’t have the relevant time and resources to adequately manage these social media pages.  Fortunately there are some very simple tools that can help you to understand how your page is working and help to minimise both the time you are spending working on these pages and any additional resources. These tools come in all shapes and sizes and are offered to a number of desktop, tablet and mobile applications.

1. Hootsuite:

One of the most popular social media tools that is both easy and fun to use. This simple application allows you to monitor and post numerous networks from personal and business perspectives. Its user friendly nature allows you to see all the activity on each platform in one go. This free tool has a built in analytics system, the ability to monitor selected keywords as well as an option to schedule posts. It is a must for any social media enthusiast.




2. TweetDeck:

A similar tool to Hootsuite. The best feature of this application is that it is not limited to the web and can be installed as a separate program on a hard drive or desktop application. This application allows for real-time post streaming as well as flexibility as it is compatible across multiple platforms and has no cover charge.


3. SocialOomph:

As well as managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts, this great application allows you to monitor your blog as well! This is the ultimate for any online presence. Free and premium options allow you to schedule tweets while you track keywords, promote social media platform profiles, shorten URLs and manage your direct message inboxes all from one place. This is like the ultimate women – one package of pure multi-tasking.


4. Buffer:

This is a great tool for scheduling tweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook updates. Ito of Twitter, it helps to schedule your posts and optimise them throughout the day. This works really well when you have loads of things to post, but don’t want publish too much information in one go.


5. SocialFlow:

This application is based on a unique optimization algorithm that uses your Twitter data to rank and send out your tweets in real-time, based on when your followers are the most receptive and active on Twitter. In simpler terms it helps you to target your correct audience at the right time and with the right information.


6. SpredFast:

A great tool at data feature integration – this is ideal for the user who is a big fan of analytics. The tool allows users to manage and measure data gathered from various social media pages and to see how many people are being reached and whether or not your target audience is  actively engaging with your content. The data is given in graphs which is useful if you are wanting to compare campaigns and strategies.


7. TwitterFeed:

Not only just a Twitter management application, this tool allows all sorts of managers and users to easily update social media accounts with their RSS feed posts by integrating TwitterFeed into their social accounts. For example, a simple blog post is made visible on all social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter with one simple action.


It is not just the experts that have the ability to be in the social media know, but everyone else who managers a page has the ability to control and increase it’s presence online too – so start thinking and acting like the experts.