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As the Nissan GT-R was launching, Artifact considered Social Media as a platform where fans could track the launching event. This event involved 2 custom Nissan GT-R cars that competed in the Simola Hill climb, in South Africa. Go-Pros were attached to both vehicles, and cameras were installed along the track in order to get the best possible footage for our social media launch.


The Nissan website was used to bring the Nissan GT-R to life, which also included highlights of the Simola Hill climb.



We designed and printed collateral that was needed to promote the GT-R.



We had a great response to the videos as the first video reached 7 000 views organically within the first few days and since then with the help of a very minimal budget, has over 50 000 views.



We brought through a dedicated, 5-man digital and production team to the event to video, photograph and edit to produce a series of social media videos and stills to capture the essence and exhilaration of the Nissan GT-R.

Videos were shot from various angles and locations around the track as well as on the vehicle.

Due to the importance of being instant in sharing content, our team edited and crafted the content on-site and this was then shared directly onto the Nissan South Africa social media platforms.

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