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As Domino’s Pizza launched in South Africa, we needed to ensure that their brand collateral was localized to our market. Therefore, Artifact created a localized brand CI guideline adding a South African touch to the brand’s identity.


Driven by the goal of trying to strategically leverage off of our in-store collateral in a new and exciting way, Artifact’s marketing team decided to utilise the in store digital menu panels as a vehicle for customer education on products, deals and add-ons.

The animation is not only eye-catching but informative too. It is designed to run the same length of time, that an average person would spend ordering a pizza, as well as how long the waiting period would be, until the order is received.



The website was designed to showcase the delicious Domino’s Pizza flavours and to allow for online ordering. Customers can build their own pizza online by choosing toppings and bases.


Not only did we design the branding elements for Domino’s Pizza, we also printed their menus, and in-store branding collateral.

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