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At Artifact, we don’t see ourselves as ‘just another ad agency’. We’re a one-stop shop, serving up the ultimate in marketing, branding, web design, strategy, online and social media marketing! When we set out to create Artifact Advertising, we wanted to build an agency that fits every client like a glove – so that no matter what came our way, we would be the type of company that could be flexible enough to provide the right fit. From communication strategy, to big, bright ideas and from digital to traditional media, with insight and research thrown in for good measure, we’re sure to cover all your bases.


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We play with some big dogs in some big industries, but we also give the utmost attention to every client we work with, and our experience across a broad range of industries is a testament to this. From vehicles to waste management and airlines to fast food, our playgrounds are diverse and we really love that. No matter who we’re servicing, we aspire to understanding your goals.

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